XL Tailor-Made Light Code


  • Image of XL Tailor-Made Light Code
  • Image of XL Tailor-Made Light Code
  • Image of XL Tailor-Made Light Code

A Light Code is a channelled energy transmission and an avant-garde healing technology to accelerate expansion and bring in alignment.

Light is information. Think of a Light Code as a high vibrational information, an intelligent light, which is encrypted in a code. This code is understood, decrypted and installed by your Soul in the energetic bodies of your multidimensional being as seen the most beneficial.The Light Codes work in astonishing and profound ways. They help to restore your original blueprint (boosting aligned action) and anchor new consciousness (accelerating expansion). Working with Light Codes can open up new perspectives and sets us up to take inspired actions.

A tailor-made Light Code corresponds to specific requests and needs and will anchor the information which is most beneficial. Light Codes can be used for personal topics, like for example “Abundance & Prosperity” “Inner Peace” “Health”, or to harmonize energies in rooms and homes, or to enhance focus and alignment in businesses.

To harmonize and uplift the energy in rooms and for more general topics like alignment for businesses, the XL tailor-made Light Codes are being recommended.

I will reach out by email once your order has been received to set up a 1:1 call.
During this call we will determine together the specific topic for which you would like to receive support with this Light Code.

A personal, recorded Light Language activation is included in the price (optional).

The shown images are examples of previous custom Light Codes.

Different sizes and prices are available upon request.

Starting from 18.888 € for a size 60 x 70 cm on Canvas

Image of XS Tailor-Made Light Code
XS Tailor-Made Light Code
Image of M Tailor-Made Light Code
M Tailor-Made Light Code
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