CUSTOM LIGHTCODE PAINTINGS - see the painting section "Custom Light Code paintings" for detailed information on my channeled healing art.

ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS - on Mallorca or via skype

I am trained in Matrix Energetics Quantum healing, Energetic Therapy with Sacred Geometry (Janosh Art), Tameana crystal healing (Juan Manuel Giordano, human vortex project), Metatron colour healing (Amanda Ellis) and other energy healing methods. I am also a certified Feng Shui consultant ( Feng Shui Natural ). Working in an energetic way has lead me to reveal & develop increasingly my natural healing abilities and to strengthen my intuition and connection to the higher realms, guides and star beings. In this process I am mainly guided by Archangel Metatron whos energy works through me and with me. I am transmitting healing and guidance for personal evolution and growth. Every session is different and develops intuitively - just as every person is unique. A session includes a chakra reading, balancing and energetic cleaning and intuitive counselling. Various healing tools like light language, hands on healing etc. may be applied.

FENG SHUI COACHING - more information coming soon!