Light art portrait by © Andrea Bravo

I am an artist, intuitive healer and Galactic Shaman. Drawing and painting were important to me since childhood, but it was only in my early 30s after having obtained a certification as a professional Feng Shui Consultant, that my art got a much deeper meaning to me.
Studying the energetic flow of spaces and the impact our surroundings have on us, made me realize how much power a piece of art and it´s energy have. Ultimately a piece of art has the potential to transform and heal places and people.

This sparked my intention to create art that is modern, fresh, unique and which contains at the same time a very high vibration and healing. I could not find what I was longing for neither in contemporary art, nor in so called spiritual or healing art, which seemed often tasteless or boring to me. I knew I had to combine a form of energy healing with my paintings to create what I was envisioning.

I extended my trainings with several modalities such as Quantum Touch Healing and Metatron Color Healing. To successfully merge the healing techniques with my artwork was a process which took several years to evolve and develop. 

Nowadays my paintings are created entirely guided by spirit in a meditative and completely intuitive channeling process without a prior concept or draft. They reveal themselves gradually and in layers. My main guide is Archangel Metatron, who brings in also other highly evolved beings of light such as Thot and Galactic Star beings.

Now I call my paintings “Light Codes” and I create them mostly commissioned and tailor made for private collectors. A Light Code is a channeled energy transmission and an avantgarde technology for healing. It is an encrypted message which can be understood by the soul. The Light Codes work in astonishing and profound ways, anchoring new consciousness and healing in an alchemical process on DNA level. They help to restore your original blueprint and potential, before being programmed by limiting beliefs or painful experiences. 

See the painting section " Custom Lightcode paintings" for more information. Under  "Energy Healing Sessions" you will find more details on 1:1 healing sessions I offer.

My earlier works had a blurry, dreamy feel and contained only few defined lines. Then the work transitioned into organic shapes and reminded often of cells, neurons, plants etc...My more recent art contains elements of galactic technologies, futuristic visions, space, sacred geometry and architecture. Currently my art is evolving into more sculptural pieces which have a 3D effect to them.   

My art is meant not only for persons who are interested in spirituality. Some feedback I have received from clients who simply loved the artistic expression, say for example they felt as if they were being drawn into the multi dimensional spaces and standing in a cathedral of light.

I would like to invite the viewer to feel my paintings, rather than trying to understand them. 

One of my goals and visions is to create huge paintings in public spaces and cities which witnessed difficult history or tragic events. Light Code paintings physically anchor a new information and bring in transmutation and healing into the earth and for humanity -  also to these places which still hold painful memories. You could compare these installations of Light Codes to acupuncture, but on a planetary scale. I also wish to continue creating as many custom Light Codes as possible for private collectors and elaborate them in large scale formats as well.

Everything starts from an idea, a vision, a desire for change. Our world needs new images of hope, beauty, divine order, balance and peace. I want to help people to remember their sovereignty and power as the divine spiritual beings they are.