"Oh, I am so touched. I don´t know where to begin. As soon as I looked at the Logo Painting, something begins to move inside me. My chest and my throat, something about opening.....there's a heavyness there, that is being overcome, undone, lightened, sorted out. Whew! This feeling....it's bliss !! And love with a simplicity that words cannot begin to touch. Wow!" 
- Sheryl 
Annapolis, Maryland, USA

"I would like to thank Birgit for ther amazing painting and light language. I don´t even know how to express everything, because every day a new layer is healed. I am in a twinflame journey, for those who resonate with it, and as soon as I received my painting, I felt this inner peace. It was such a beautiful moment and tears of joy just rolled down my face, I know it was my soul, I have been feeling more connected with myself and releasing codependency with my twin, trusting and surrendering to the journey, it´s amazing the inner peace that is stronger and stronger every day. Did I forget my twin? Of course not and never will, but what is meant to be will be   I am ready to go after my dreams with or without my twin. Thank you beautiful soul for an amazing gift and sharing with us, grateful."
- Z.R.
Toronto, Canada

"I was captivated by Birgit's work from the very first time I saw it. There is a life force, a richness, a lightness to it, that makes me completely dazzeled by every new piece. In 2015 I commissioned Birgit to design the logo of a company I was starting and it was the most beautiful, lively and powerful logo I could ever dream of to represent my work! I am so happy to see you giving wings to your art so it can fly high!"
- Michele 
São Paulo, Brazil 

"Just wanted to let you know I received your painting and it is absolutely magnificent. Thank you so much! I can feel it´s energy filling my room with love & light. 
Birgit, you are truly a gifted artist and know for a fact that your artwork is helping to increase the consciousness of humankind."
- Kaitlin
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"I love my painting - I love the colors, the expression, the energy. It hangs on my wall now for several years and I never get tired to look at it, contemplate it and discover new aspects. Your art is not just something that you "hang on the wall" and it looks good. No, your art accompanies the person for whom it was created throughout his life. Your art is absolutely unique, not only in the sense that your creation is your artistic expression, but as well in the sense that you really channel for every customer a painting that is uniquely painted for him. [..] The energy of the customer is already part of the art that your produce."
- Ralf - Kinesiology-Coaching
Barcelona, Spain 

"I have just received delivery of the glorious painting. It is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much. I am so happy it has chosen to be with me. Much gratitute and appreciation of your wonderful artistic talent."
- Julie 
Chalford Hill, UK